Work ethics in cosmetology

In this class, attendees will learn how to schedule clients and the importance of appointment planning. Another key element to having a strong work ethic is having a positive attitude.

Through a scientific approach students will design haircuts and styles, utilizing art forms, analysis of design components and knowledge of face profiles. Include the code of ethics in employee training and Work ethics in cosmetology and periodically evaluate how well your employees are following the code.

Composition and construction of a variety of wigs and hairpieces to make effective choices for salon guests. Salon owners and other employees can easily spot an employee who wastes valuable color and washes products down the drain.

This is a result of the broader set of skills usually included in cosmetology curriculum. This allows for a pleasant work environment and creates a professional atmosphere for clients. Professional Coexistence with Competitors While you cannot control how other salons in your area conduct business, you can require your employees to conduct themselves professionally with regard to competitors.

Students in this program will begin two weeks prior to the RQS first day of school in order to earn enough training hours to take the state board exam. Post it prominently in your salon where customers can see it so they are familiar with your ethical philosophy.

General Operating Philosophy Your code of ethics should be clear, concise and comprised of key concepts that support the operation of an honest, reliable and quality-focused salon.

As soon as you drop your nice attitude your customers, co-workers and boss will notice and your results will be affected. Making a customer wait for you for an appointment is the number one ethic breaker in the salon business.

In addition, this class will learn to blend technology with teaching.


Having this motivation is important in the work place because it allows one to stay focused and perform tasks to the best of their ability. This will allow the stylist to correct their mistakes and learn from them. Comes to class, arrives on time, calls in advance to absences, always makes up assignments missed.

Are you ready to start working in a more colorful career where you can express your love for all things related to style and fashion.

What is the Work Ethics Certificate program. It takes years of hard work to build on these skills to become a true professional. Areas of study include introduction to keyboarding, operating systems, word processing, professional development, mechanics of communication, applied business math, and records management.

The focus is similar to a Home Economics class, but the curriculum is broader. Has leadership skills; handles criticism and complaints professionally; demonstrates problem-solving ability; keeps an appropriate relationship with supervisors and peers; follows a chain of command.

A progressive thinker would stay positive and try to reevaluate the situation and learn from their mistakes. The importance of pricing products to determine profit margins will be discussed in this class.

Attendees will learn proper techniques to controlling inventory and management. This could negatively affect the way a salon is run. Curriculum components include cooking, sewing, value clarification, parenting skills, communicable disease awareness, nutrition, money management, and other general household duties.

Do you have flexible course scheduling options. How do they react or adjust to the daily routine of coming to work. Well if you are supposed to be on the cutting edge of fashion dress and look like that.

Be dependable to yourself, your boss, coworkers, and yourself.

Work Ethic

You should be impeccably groomed every day you show up to work. It might also include your commitment to use only safe products, and a promise to openly post charges and payment policies. Essentially, a work ethic regulates how an employee responds in different situations in the salon.

Essay Example: Work Ethics in Cosmetology

Students are expected to attend and effectively participate in program experiences to be successful in the Technology Center of DuPage experience. When starting a career in cosmetology, it is imperative to develop a strong code of work ethics. Having a strong work ethic shows that a person is self motivated, conducts themselves in a professional manner, and is able to self evaluate.

Cosmetology FACE CARE & MAKE-UP APPLICATION I Course Description Emphasis will be placed on skill development and acceptable work ethics. The program emphasizes specialized training in safety, sanitation, state laws, rules, and regulations, nail diseases and disorders, skin and nail care, and work ethics.

The curriculum meets state licensing requirements of the State Board of Cosmetology.

Work Ethics Evaluation System

The Cosmetology Academy is committed to developing each individual’s varied abilities and talents; to provide positive learning experiences; to develop work ethics and employability characteristics, which meet career expectations; and to assist the individual toward gainful employment in the Cosmetology.

COS Cosmetology I Course Information Credits 8 Campus Washburn Institute of Technology Cosmetology General Laws, Rules and Regulations, The Study of Nails, Salon Ecology, Trichology, G. Demonstrate responsible work ethics. Instructing cosmetology or a related specialty course without first obtaining the appropriate instructor license (b), (b) Instructing cosmetology while not in a private beauty culture school or a vocational cosmetology program in a public school (b), (b).

Work ethics in cosmetology
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